The Battery, designated a park in 1693, is the oldest public space in continuous use in New York City. Within its shoreline landscape from 1855 to 1890, Castle Garden served as America’s first immigration processing center. The transformations of The Battery and the Castle tell the history of New York and, by extension, the growth and development of our nation.

On your next trip to New York, do come to The Battery to experience a day in your ancestor’s life. Retrace their century old footsteps as they disembarked onto the waterfront of The Battery and entered the Castle’s original walls to be registered and welcomed onto American soil. Enjoy the Castle’s surroundings, New York’s beautiful birthplace park, The Battery. Visit to plan your trip.

The Battery Conservancy led the effort to digitize Castle Garden’s immigration records and to create The website was inaugurated on August 1, 2005 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of Castle Garden in 1855. It provides a searchable database, free for public use.

The Conservancy’s mission is to design, build, maintain and honor the history of The Battery, the 25-acre public park at the southern tip of Manhattan, in partnership with the City of New York’s Department of Parks and Recreation. Founded in 1994 to bring a new vision and focused resources to the park, the Conservancy has raised over $155M from private and public sources to reclaim this storied landscape from decades of neglect and dilapidation.

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Funding for is provided by The Battery Conservancy and The May and Samuel Rudin Foundation.

The Battery Conservancy is joined by the following institutions and individuals that have provided support to create
Dr. Ira Glazier, Center for Immigration Research
U.S. Census Bureau, Hagerstown, MD
Rockefeller Foundation
Fritz Thyssen Foundation, Cologne, Germany
Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, Turin, Italy
Deutsches Auswartiges Amt, Berlin
Ministero Degli Affari Esteri, Rome
Lucian N. Littauer Foundation, New York
Balch Institute, Philadelphia
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Hapag Lloyd, Hanover
FAS Irish National Employment and Training Agency
University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Temple University
University of Milan
Mr. Robert Silverman, Washington
Washington Jewish Genealogical Society
Dr. Alfred Kube, Historisches Museum, Bremerhaven
Mr. Sean Reidy, John F. Kennedy Trust, Ireland
Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland
Jean Kennedy Smith, Former U.S.Ambassador to Ireland, Patron JFK Trust
Mr. John C. Haas, Phildelphia
Professor Ilaria Zilli, ISEMEM, Naples
Professor Luigi De Rosa*, Naples
Professor Robert Swierenga, Van Raalte Institute, Holland, Michigan
Professor Gunter Moltmann*, Hamburg University
Professor Charlotte Erickson, Cambridge University
Professor John MacDonald, University of London
Mr. Robert Warren, Census Bureau
Professor Werner Weidenfeld, Germany
Professor Fernando De Voto, Centro Estudios LatinoAmericanos, Buenos Aires
Professor Julianna Puskas, Budapest
Professor Mark Stolarik, University of Ottawa
Professor Dennis Shasha, New York University
Dr. John Tenhula, New York
Mr. Gordon Read, Liverpool is a project of The Battery Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.